Sunday, April 13, 2008

One year later . . .

How naughty am I, not posting in over a year?

It's been a busy year, one that hasn't left much room for writing.

In August of 2007, I returned to the corporate work world, leaving behind my days as a stay-at-home mom indefinitely. It's been quite an adjustment, re-learning corporate speak and obscure motivational acronyms, finding my place in the office hierarchy and chewing my way up the food chain. So to speak.

I've finally settled into a comfort zone at work while prioritizing responsibilities at home. I've learned that sometimes you have to let some things slide and focus on what's important.

As most writers know, our writing is often the first sacrificial lamb tossed into the volcano to appease the prioritization Gods.

I apologize for being AWOL for a year. I'm back for the moment.

And now, a few points of business.

My short story, Welcome to Texas, is available for download at The Wild Rose Press. Here's the teaser:
After moving from Minnesota to Texas, Kacey Newton must adapt to the strangeness of The Lone Star State. To Kacey, the accents are undecipherable, the heat is unbearable, the neighbors are inconsiderate and the hunky police chief’s uniform of choice is a tank top, baggy shorts and flip-flops.

The only thing Chief Jack Boudreaux likes as much as a sexy woman is steak. Thick, juicy steak. Now if he could just find a sexy woman who actually eats steak, and not just salad, he’d be in hog heaven. It’s just a matter of time before Jack attempts to seduce Kacey with a pitcher of ice cold margaritas, some spicy, hot fajitas and his dazzling Texas charm.

The story has received a couple of very nice reviews, despite me not making much effort to promote the piece (other than to tell my family and a couple of coworkers!) I know, I know - shame on me!

Here are links to the reviews:
The Long and The Short Of It Blog posted a lovely review on March 30. Gracias!

On March 27, Welcome to Texas received a 4 heart review over at Night Owl Romance. Merci!

What am I working on now? Truthfully, I have so many irons in the fire. I need to take my rediscovered corporate prioritization skills and focus on one project at a time and see it through to completion. Currently, I'm evaluating all my works-in-progress to decide which are close to completion and which markets would be best. I have a complete novel that might be a fit for The Wild Rose Press, but it needs some serious tweaking before I submit it.

The other day I realized I've completed over a dozen quirky short stories in the past seven years that could conceivably be compiled into an anthology.

And of course, there are several novels-in-progress gathering dust.

I'm always writing, though lately it's been PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and clerical letters.